Where Have I Been?

     Well . . . not on here obviously! Life gets so busy sometimes that the hours seem to turn into days, the days seem to turn into weeks, the weeks seem to turn into months and now it is two months into 2013.

     Our ranch is one busy place with lots of activity. I am hoping to get back into the swing of writing blog posts and putting good info up here for you all. For right now, I'll add a few pics of the past few months.

     We are back in the swing of things in the meat bunny barn. Lots of babies in and out of the nest boxes. If you need rabbits give us a holler. You can check us out on facebook at Liberty Ranch Rabbits

   With so many chefs and cooks in the house there are always goodies galore coming out of the kitchen. One of my daughters does post a bunch of recipes up on her blog over here - Ranch Girl's Sweets 'N' Treats

    LOTS of birthing going on right now. Between our goats and our sheep, there are lots of kids and lambs running around the ranch. We have a youtube channel over here - Oklahoma Ranch Life

     We do our own home butchering most of the time around here also.

     Lots of spots is what we like also!

   We have some a great family and really like hanging out together. Our goal? How many times can we be together this year!

   Rain, ice and snow have been hitting us recently and this has been a welcome blessing.


  1. It certainly seems like you’ve been busy in the ranch! How are the bunnies doing, btw? Hope you had a wonderful year. And here’s to a new year of ranch life! Cheers!


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