Good Goats

        We got into goats several years ago - maybe almost 6 years ago. It was a funny start to something that has turned into a hobby and a way of life for us. My nephew had bought a small herd of meat goats and within that herd were 2 milk goats. When his plans changed and he sold the herd, he gave us 1 of the 2 milk goats (Mama). Mama was a big, unregistered Nubian doe that had the most hangy teats you have ever seen. She produced well for us, giving us about a gallon a day, even though we had to hold her legs many of the times in order to get the milk out!
         The next goat we bought was a registered spotted Nubian doe named Milky Way. We drove out to a house in the Mojave Desert of CA and bought her with $125 in change - yep, we had it in a ziploc sandwich bag. She was with us until we moved to OK and then she got sick. After many months of taking care of her, she passed on. We suspect that a sever copper deficiency was the cause of her death. Hence, we now have our herd on a regular copper bolusing program.
     When we left CA about 18 months ago, we brought about 30 or so of our herd with us. It was quite the trip driving from CA to OK with all of those goats. We had to stop about every 12 hours to milk the ones that were in milk. What a site we must have been. Not to mention that we had ranch dogs, bullmastiffs, cats, bunnies and people all moving at the same time.
     Our herd consists mainly of Mini Nubian goats with some Standard Nubians, Boer crosses, FB Boers, a few Alpines and a few other odds and ends. The main reason we have goats is for the milk that they produce.
     To see pics of our goats and read more about them, you can go to my daughter's blog here - Good Goats Blog or, you can go to our goat webiste here - Good Goats

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