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Some more about Ace

It has been different having a 200 pound Boer buck around after only dealing with mostly Mini Nubians. He has messed a few fence lines and we have had to reinforce those and others. Here are a few pics from his first week with us:

Here is my youngest son being a goat herder to the bucks:

And, here are the bucks fighting it out for lead position in the herd:

New Things Happening at the Ranch

Last night we brought in a huge FB Boer buck named Ace. He is a massively built buck that my son is hoping to use on his FB does. Here is a pic of Ace:
I also went out to the garden for a quick peek at things. As some of you know, this is my first time ever at having a garden. It has been a learning experience and one that has me wanting to gather more info for the next garden. We managed to plant some various Fall crops (although, my garlic is still sitting here by the desk waiting to get in the ground!). Here are some morning pics:
Some kind of red leaf lettuce from a surprise seed package we got on Ebay:
More surprise lettuce: Radishes are a fast growing crop:
Here is what the turnip patch is looking like now:

And, just a few more shots of some of the kids doing things around the ranch this morning: