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Happy Thanksgiving and First Ice Storm!

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. We had our first ice storm of the cold season today. Brrr!!! Thankfully, I feel as if we are going into this winter pretty prepared - as far as shelters and quick release attachments on all the hoses!
      More pictures someday, Lord willing, when my camera comes back from the service center - thx Mom!!

What Happened to Me?

I know, the 31 for 21 challenge ended and so did my daily posts! Well, we have just been busy around here. I don't have much time even now, as I would like to get in the kitchen and deal with the jalapeno pile that is growing on the counter! And, we have a soccer game to go and watch this afternoon.
     Last week, Suriyah found an ad that was offering some free animals. We went and picked up 2 donkeys! They are both girls and are here to help with guarding the sheep and goats.

We also had a little lamb born yesterday afternoon. He is a Painted Desert ramling: