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Vibe's Kidding

Vibe is one of our higher percentage Boer does. We have had Vibe for quite a few years - she even came with us from CA. This year she had 2 bucklings bred to our FB Boer buck, Ace. We happened to be around for the birth. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and we were able to get some great kidding pictures.

What I Saw This Morning

When I go out the back door in the morning on my way to feed the bucks and rams, I have a "few" other stops I make along the way. First to greet me is Roxy, one of our rescue dogs since she sleeps on top of the freezer right out the back door.
 Last night, we brought Baby back to the stall since she is ready to drop kids sometime soon here. I peeked over the gate to see if she had any surprises for me - she didn't.

    Next in sight were the 2 wild cows - I call them the "Phantom Cows of the Forest". It took several tries and then the neoghbor's 2 herding dogs to finally chase them off the 40 acres and into a smaller pen.

Next in my view was the tree that was broke in half last night during a big wind storm, of which, I was out in! Thankfully it didn't take out my turkey yard or little duck cage!
 Here is a closer pic of the tree snapped in half:

Next on my morning path is the meat bunny barn. I fed all that needed feed. Some are on free-feed until we butch…

Garden or Jungle?

You tell me - this is the "garden". Believe it or not, there are tomatoes,and other edible things growing in that mess of weeds!!

My garden's worst enemy caught in the act of laying eggs!! A squash bug!

Introducing Bub, the Dorper Ram

This is Bub, the new Dorper ram that my son bought. We shall see how he grows out and what kind of lambs he produces!