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Pigs in the Pond Pasture

Well, one of my sons let his mama pig and her piglets into the pond pasture that the goats are in yesterday. I'll post a few pics of them - don't really feel like getting much done on here as a bad stomach bug has been making it's way through our house and finally got me last night.

Feeding Frenzy Number 2

The other day, I did a post entitled Feeding Frenzy - that one was about our sheep and goats devouring a hay round in a week flat. Well, this time, my daughter got a few pics as I went out to the chicken and duck yard this morning with a bucket of scraps. Check these pics out - here's how to get 75 to 100 birds to follow you anywhere!

Peppy Update

I thought I would just put a few pics of Peppy up. He is quite the fun llama to have. he stays with the sheep mostly (and his mom). I think that he thinks that he is a dog. Many times he can be seen chasing the ranch dogs around trying to play with them. He has also turned out to be a good guardian. Apparently he has charged the neighbors dogs if they are at the back fenceline and, he has been known to jump on the backs of strange guys that come into our goat yard!

 Hugs for Peppy from my son!

Feeding Frenzy!!

Here is how to go through one round bale in a week flat!! And, this is just the goats on attacking it . . . there are still 40 or so sheep that have access to it also!