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Overdue Update

It seems as if the past weeks have been flying by. We had a few weeks of snow and cold along with a nasty flu bug that worked it's way through our house. I even got hit up with it and was on the couch for a few days with a fever. Plus, we have been having lots of lambs and goat kids being born. I'll put a few pics up of some of the recent happenings.
     Here is one pic of a few kids that were born during the past few weeks:
And, here is Molly helping to lick off and clean-up the new kids:

       One of my daughter's wanted to try her hand at raising a bottle lamb soooooo, we pulled one off of a ewe of ours that had triplets. This little eweling is half Katahdin and half dairy sheep. A week ago or so, e almost lost her to a bad case of bloat. Thankfully she pulled through (after we did many things to help her out). Here she is laying on my daughter:

      One of my sons got a BIG doe yesterday. She is a massive Boer doe. Just today we put her in the yard with Ace (our …

Snow Pigs

Between the last 2 snow storms, we have accumulated quite a bit of snow. Here are a few pics of my son feeding his pigs. The normal animal chores have gotten harder to do due to the snow we have to walk through now. He has to lug 5 gallon buckets of water and feed down to them.


Yep, it was negative 14 this morning!! I think this is the coldest weather I have been in during my mere 46 years. Here's the weather page from my son's ipod for proof!

Sister Blog

I have decided to start another blog entitled "Death on the Ranch". I know that most of us do not like to have to face death but, it is a certain part of this life. With life comes death, most of the time. This blog is being designed to show that with all of the good things that come with raising animals (babies, milk, happy times) there are also heartbreaks and sad times. Anyone that raises animals knows that this is reality. I like to view the hard times as learning experiences and hope that with the death of one animal, I might be able to keep alive another animal. Anyway, here is the link to it - Death on the Ranch