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Garden Update

Well, the garden is starting to produce food for us. Check out the size of this cabbage! I am holding it in the air. The actual head weighed about 5 pounds or so, I think. It was turned into a yummy coleslaw dish. Here are the peas starting to grow on the vines:

Here is one of the garlic plants getting a flower head on it. I don't know too much about growing garlic but, I think they are getting close to be being done . . . we had put these into the ground last October, I think.
Here are some marigolds . . . just one of the flowers we have planted in an effort to keep bad bugs away from our veggies while they grow.
I came back in yesterday with one of the strollers full of goodies. Here is a pic of that:

More later, hopefully. It is more difficult to do posts nowadays it seems since the weather is nicer and I find myself outside much more.

Nice Days

There was quite a bit of rain last week . . . even some tornados blowing through Oklahoma areas. We heard of one family that lost 1/3 of their house but, thankfully they were not in that part. Their barn was also flattened with all of the goats in it - thankfully, again, all of the goats were able to crawl out and all survived. We spent some time as a family talking about building a basement or storm cellar of some kind. So, we will see what we can pull off in that department.
       With several days of no rain this week, we will hopefully get more plants into the various garden plots. Today we managed to pick the weeds out of a 20' by 25' (or therabouts) plot of land. Nine trenches that were each about 20' long were then filled with red seed potatoes by the kidos. If our calculations are correct and if the Lord blesses our planting, then we should get over 1,000 potatoes!! Pics of that later.
      For now, there are things to do . . . to batten down the hatches fo…

The Garden This Morning

I was walking around the garden this morning as the sun was coming up. The peas are getting flowers on them: The cabbage head is SOOOOO big - I am wondering when it will begin to close up, if ever. The lettuce bed has gotten bigger in just the past few days - time for salad today! The lettuce and carrots in the first freezer are growing great!
AND, one of the best sites in the garden (according to me) - TOMATOES starting to grow! That means salsa, Lord willing.

New Pig Pen

Two of my sons have been working on a bigger pen for the pigs. Well, they finished it last might. It is located down in our pasture and has an electric fence line down low so that when the pigs come to check out the fence, they get shocked. It appears to be working quite well.