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BUSY is the word to describe what it has been like around here for the past month or more. We have had over 130 kids and lambs born. We have tried to video as many of them as we were able to and my daughter has set up a youtube channel with these videos. If you go our channel here - Oklahoma Ranch Life- you can see the ones that she has done. I will make it a point to bug her about finishing some of the other ones.
     We have also ventured into another area on the ranch - I know, what you are thinking - "another area?!?" Well, to make a long story short, some of our friends and us invested in a real incubator. For the past year or so we have tried our hands at incubating eggs in the smaller styrofoam incubators. Our hatch rates have been very low - like maybe 20% to zero! After some research and talking with other chicken geeks we settled upon the GQF Sportsman 1502 cabinet incubator. I am happy to say that we now are hatching chickens, ducks and even have some geese eggs …