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Yummy Goodies at the Ranch!

I must say that there is never a lack of goodies and yummy food in this household. It seems as if there is always someone in the kitchen making something - whether it be some great tasting meat for tacos, homemade salsa, oatmeal cookies or candies of some kind - there is always an abundance of food. Here are a few pics of just a few things:

Onion Rings in a Rice Flour Batter:

Yummy Homemade 3 Musketeer Bars:

Pumpkins waiting to be turned into Pumpkin Bread:

Some kind of cake for the Twins 7th Birthday:

Many of these recipes can be found on a few of my daughter's blogs: Ranch Girl's Sweets 'N' Treats Got Down Syndrome Blog Recipes
More later!! Time to go do chores!

Buddy, the Toy Australian Shepherd

Last week we had a little surprise show up under one of the trailers on our property. It is a new dog that we have given the name Buddy to. Here he is!

New Stalls in the Milk Barn!

It has been amazing how fast the new barn is coming together. Having a couple of skilled sons is also a big blessing as they have been hammering out the new stalls in the barn. Here are a few pics form the past week . . . just a few more finishing touches (like gates with hinges and wallfeeders) and it will be ready to go. My daughter and I did sneak some goats in there for the night due to a coming storm!

After a hard day of work, it's time for a quick nap out by the fire pit!