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The 31 for 21 Down Syndrome Challenge

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Well, it's official, I've joined a group of other folks online that are trying to raise awareness about Down Syndrome. At Unringing the Bell, you can find out more about this cool idea. So, sit back and enjoy the posts for the next month. Maybe you (and me) will learn a little more about these special people that God has placed in the world.

New Meat Bunnies

We brought in a few Californian does just the other day. One came with the name Silver Spur - here she is:
And, this is Cali: Here is what our small meat rabbitry is looking like right now:

Quick Update

It has been a busy few weeks with my Mom visiting us from CA. The time has gone by very quickly with her here. It will be sad to have her leave. Maybe someday she will come out here to Oklahoma.
       We have done several things while she was here: shopped a few times, went swimming once, ate at a Mexican restaurant and then an ice cream shop, went to the fair and watched my daughter judge the rabbit show, went to the local livestock auction, worked in the garden and even set-up a few more cages in the meat bunny area. I'll try to get some pics up in the next days.
       We also had a goat come back to us that we sold as a bottle baby in 2008. He is quite a bit bigger now and we may end up using him to breed to a doe or 2. I will aim at getting some pics.
      As far as today goes, we have a few folks coming here to do some things. One guy is coming to trade us 2 of our wildest sheep for one of his ewes that is supposedly "to friendly". We also have a guy coming…

The Week in Pics

Life has been busy this week. And, the next few will most likely be busy since my Mom is coming for a visit from CA. So, I thought I would just put a few pics up of some events the past week.

One of the best swimmin' holes - the Blue Hole:

Boots at the arena:
Some horse training time: Mr. Buddy Walk in training for the Tulsa Down Syndrome Buddy Walk:
The newest little eweling to the ranch: Little sister watching big brother:
Another horse in training:
A new hay load has arrived: