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New LGD Puppy

We brought in a new Livestock Guardian dog just today. She is 7 weeks old and we are hoping she will grow up to be a good guardian for our animals. She is out in the goat and sheep pen with our other LGD. Hopefully she will learn from him as she grows up.

It's Getting COLD!

It's that time of the year when it starts to get cold. I had 4 layers of sweatshirts on and my jacket this morning. I like to layer so that I can strip the sweatshirts off one-by-one as I go about feeding all the critters in the morning. Usually by the time I get back to the milking barn I have taken several layers off. the only problem with this plan of action is that I have sweatshirts all over the yard on various fenceposts and other places! Thankfully, I have a big pile of sweatshirts I have collected from all of the auctions we have gone to!!
     The first water buckets had to have ice broke out of them!

Hits 4 Pay

Well, can you believe I got busy yesterday and missed the very last day of the 31 for 21 blog challenge? I can! I may not post everyday right now, but I hope to keep you updated on life around this somewhat crazy Liberty Ranch!

     One thing I find a little time for is researching and checking out ways to make money online. One group I recently joined is called Hits4Pay. Join it at my link below and start making a little extra when you are online doing other things anyway.

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