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31 for 21: The "R" Word Controversy
Being in the special needs community for almost 8 years now, I am fully aware of all the 'Politically Correct' lingo that should be used. You know, you say "a child with Down syndrome", not a "Down syndrome child." And there are also certain words which just are not supposed to be said, the word "retard" being at the top of the list.

It took some getting used to for me, because my family has never been very "politically correct" :).

Over the years I've seen the issues that come up when certain popular individuals use the "R" word, when someone who has a child with DS has a friend say this word in a conversation, or when it's use is discussed on a forum. I've never said much about it, because I think a lot of people will have a problem with my view on it.

Last week though, Ann Coulter called President Obama a "retard" on Twitter. There has been a ton of outrage …

31 for 21 - New

New lives in the midst of our busy lives . . .

    My mom is leaving tomorrow to head back to CA so much of this evening was spent just hanging out with her . . . cutting stuff up for green salsa, playing a card game and sitting by the campfire. More later, Lord willing.

31 for 21 - Today . . .

we went to the soccer field as usual for a Sunday game. Our team (Revolution) won today. Here are a few pics of that:

     After the game we went over to our friend's (the Youngs) to record the Change dance that we are working on. You'll just have to wait for the finished music video to be done (my daughters might work on it tomorrow). Anyway, after that we headed back to our house. One of my daughters was sitting in the way back of the truck and managed to snap some great driving home pics.

     Sunset tonight at Liberty Ranch!

   Here is the moon rise over the ranch tonight.

More tomorrow, Lord willing!

31 for 21 - Big Boys

As usual, we had another busy day doing things. So, I am just going to post some pics of a few big bucks I bought the other night. More tomorrow, Lord willing!

31 for 21 - Friends

Most people have friends. We have some very close friends that have been with us for years. They were at the hospital when I gave birth to my twins (the girl without Down syndrome and the boy with Down syndrome). They were right there looking things up online about Down syndrome for me when I was still in the hospital with little O. They were there to help us along this path of having a child with Down syndrome. They are such close friends that we actually refer to them as family.       The Young's run a sign shop and were a big part of the Tulsa Buddy Walk last year and this year. Here is a link to their Facebook page - Tahlequah's Sign Shop

Here are a few pics of various things we have done with these special friends of ours.

    Hair jobs!


Ice skating!

 Yearly pictures!

And, of course, the BUDDY WALK!

31 for 21 - What A Blessed Life

I tell my kids many ties that they are so blessed to grow up on a ranch like we have. It is so nice to be able to go outside and enjoy the beautiful area we live in. It is so nice to see trees, grass and animals everyday. The other day, little O and a few of his sisters went outside with our last Bullmastiffs, The weather was perfect, the sun was shining bright . Here are a few pics just to show how "normal" a little boy with Down syndrome is!     Hiding behind a tree with sister!
    This is Canuck, the last Bullastiff that we have right now.

    Big sister, Ezriyah, with her "pup"!

     O, standing in the pasture.

    It seems as if the cow is looking at the kidos in the field to figure out what they are doing.
My little man with Down syndrome - WHAT A BLESSING!

31 for 21 - What You Can DO!

I think from the posts I have been doing this month, it should be apparent that our lives have not slowed down at all since our little blessing with Down syndrome has entered our lives. We feel that he is a BG blessing and an enhancement to our lives.
    As I was sitting here wondering what to write about today, I was reminded that many years ago (almost 8), I was told that my life would be different having a son with Down syndrome. I was told how he wouldn't walk at the same age as "normal" children. I was told that he would need WAY more work than "normal children. I was told a bunch of things that he wouldn't be able to do. I was given a very grime and sad picture as I sat in the hospital just days after giving birth to him.
    Well, being the family that we are - one that likes challenges, one that doesn't mind if things take a little bit of hard work, one that likes to try to overcome obstacles, one that goes against the grain of society in genera…

31 for 21 - Just an Ordinary Day . . .

I thought I would put up another picture post about things from around the ranch. Our morning started with the biggest stick bug we have ever seen. It was right on the milk room door. That is my 18 year old daughter's hand next to it! It was so big the kids were calling it a "branch bug"!

    This is Cougar, the resident male cat. He is the dad to several kitties that are running around this ranch right now! We lost his dad last year to lyme disease.

     This is Cuddles. She is an outside and inside kitty. Some nights she is in and some she is out. I think she is a good mouser.

    Here are some pictures of some of the beautiful chocolate Muscovies that were hatched out here this past year. There are 6 or 7 of them that are found hanging out in one of the hay trailers every morning. They have even begun to lay a clutch of eggs in the hay trailer. One of my daughters got a few pics of them flying today.

  Here is a picture of the red gate that goes out to the 40 ac…