Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 for 21 - Just an Ordinary Day . . .

     I thought I would put up another picture post about things from around the ranch. Our morning started with the biggest stick bug we have ever seen. It was right on the milk room door. That is my 18 year old daughter's hand next to it! It was so big the kids were calling it a "branch bug"!

    This is Cougar, the resident male cat. He is the dad to several kitties that are running around this ranch right now! We lost his dad last year to lyme disease.

     This is Cuddles. She is an outside and inside kitty. Some nights she is in and some she is out. I think she is a good mouser.

    Here are some pictures of some of the beautiful chocolate Muscovies that were hatched out here this past year. There are 6 or 7 of them that are found hanging out in one of the hay trailers every morning. They have even begun to lay a clutch of eggs in the hay trailer. One of my daughters got a few pics of them flying today.

  Here is a picture of the red gate that goes out to the 40 acres. We close this most nights to keep the goats and sheep in when the early morning comes.

    A look towards the buck pen. Pretty cool wooden fence that one of my sons put up, huh?

    Martha, one of the resident female llamas. Her and the other 2 llamas have been staying out in the 40 at night lately. I guess there are enough hickory nuts and leaves out there to keep them full.

    Fall pictures are beautiful!

    One of the bottle Finn ewes that have grown up on our ranch. This one is bred for February lambs.

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