Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 for 21 - Picture Update

Since there is so much that goes on at Liberty Ranch, I thought I would do a picture post for today in honor of my little man that likes helping out soooo much.

Here is the mama donkey . . . still pregnant . . . it has been 12 months since she was bred. She has got to pop someday! O acts me everyday if the "mama EeeO" has had her baby.

One of the chocolate Muscovey ducks we have at the ranch. Beautiful birds!

One of my daughter's goats - big and pregnant also. Who will go first? The donkey up above or this doe or another doe we have?

Piglets getting their first meal - Mmmmm!

Quail are now here at the ranch. I hop to do a post about these amazing little birds!

Here is the father to all 11 of my kidos! Still playing soccer at 51 - not bad for an "old man"!

One of the walks around the property. The weather is turning real nice lately. 

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