Monday, October 8, 2012

31 for 21 - A Walk Through the Forest

One thing that O likes to do, is go on walks with his family and some of the animals at times. Sometimes he is with his oldest sister, sometimes he is with another sister and her dog - a few days ago he was with me and some siblings as we went on a "llama hunt" through our 40 acres. We weren't actually on a "hunt, but more like on a "find". We were just trying to locate our 3 llamas that hadn't come back for a few nights. We found them and had some fun "hunting" with stick guns along the way! Oh, how fun it is to have such a goofy little boy in our family!!

Some of the chocolate Muscovey ducks we saw when we got back up by the goat pen:

And, a beautiful sunset to end a day that started with a fun walk through the forest:

Tomorrow, Lord willing!!

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