Friday, October 26, 2012

31 for 21 - Friends

    Most people have friends. We have some very close friends that have been with us for years. They were at the hospital when I gave birth to my twins (the girl without Down syndrome and the boy with Down syndrome). They were right there looking things up online about Down syndrome for me when I was still in the hospital with little O. They were there to help us along this path of having a child with Down syndrome. They are such close friends that we actually refer to them as family. 
     The Young's run a sign shop and were a big part of the Tulsa Buddy Walk last year and this year. Here is a link to their Facebook page - Tahlequah's Sign Shop

Here are a few pics of various things we have done with these special friends of ours.

    Hair jobs!


Ice skating!

 Yearly pictures!

And, of course, the BUDDY WALK!

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