Friday, October 19, 2012

31 for 21 - Life & Death

   One of the things we deal with here on our ranch is life and death. Sometimes there seem to be days , weeks or even months that go by without a single life or death being added to the ranch. Other times, there are many that happen. This week has been somewhat unique in that we have had 4 new baby goats born, found one sheep unexpectedly dead in the sheep shed and have our oldest Bullmastiff not doing well. We also have a goat that is old and not doing so hot.

    I count these life lessons as something important. Little O and his siblings are not growing up in some fantasy land of just good things happening. On our ranch they are forced to face these "harder" issues and I am glad for that. There are times we all cry together and other times that we laugh together. It is all apart of this life.
    A few years ago, I started an "opposite" blog to this one. It is called Death on the Ranch and you can see it here - Death on the Ranch - it is somewhat out-dated, I will try to get it up to where it should be sometime here.

    Here are some pics of a recent goat birth that happened:

     This is Arrow, our oldest Bullmastiff. She recently had a tail amputation because she had some kind of tumor on it that was most likely cancerous. My wonderful daughter, Ezriyah, has spent hours upon hours taking care of her dog. Yet, it seems as if some things just go down hill. Arrow is happy and comfortable but not doing so well right now. She has been a wonderful dog.

    This is Ezriyah . . . on a walk . . . maybe to clear her head and cry a little bit . . .

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