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Cold? Not in Our Okie Carhartts!!

Well, as we have been learning over the past 18 months, life in Oklahoma is always changing . . . especially when it comes to the weather. It can go from clouds to rain to sun to clouds and even snow, all in a few hours it seems. We can check the weather on our little ipod apps only to have to check it again an hour later!!
       One thing that I have learned is that layering clothing is the way to go. Thin sweatshirts followed by thicker sweatshirts followed be a Carhartt jacket or coverall of some kind is the best. These Carthartt jackets are really warm. The first winter we were here, we laughed at all of the Okies in their brown jackets, brown coveralls and overalls. Most of them had the name Carhartt embossed on them . . . well, this year we have realized the benefits of the that brand . . . it spells warmth. I highly recommend trying to get your hands (and body) into a Cathartt shirt or Cathartt sweatshirt.
       Here are a few pictures of some of the kidos around the ranch, i…

New Addition to the Ranch

Meet Molly, my son's new little English Shepherd puppy (Thanks Cheryl!!):

MORE Snow!!

The snowflakes started coming down after midnight last night. It was so neat to stand outside and shine a big spotlight up into the snow. More snow = more mucky and slushy pens BUT, I also am hoping that it will equal great pastures this fall. I'll try to get a few pics up later.


5 Years Ago Today

Five years ago today, I was in a CA, in a hospital giving birth to my twins. An almost 40 year old woman giving birth to twins was a big event at a teaching hospital and the OR was packed with curious medical students. All went well. Here is what my oldest daughter posted on one of her blogs today about this event:

Five Blessed Years
Five years ago today, our life changed forever. Osiyyah & his twin sister, Yophiyyah were born.

My then 14 year old sister & I stayed with our mom in the hospital from the time she was admitted late Wednesday night, Feb. 4th. As my sister & I stood in the hallway outside of the OR, little did we know how different our life would be from that day forward.

The twins were born naturally with no complications. Osiyyah was "Twin A" and Yophiyyah "Twin B." The babies were born at 2:05 & 2:10pm Thursday afternoon, February 3rd 2005. My sister & I briefly got a peek at the babies as the nurses wheeled them into the NICU. I re…