Northeast Oklahoma Hay & Feed Coop

Hello all,

We just started a Yahoo group called Northeast Oklahoma Hay & Feed Coop. It is a list for information of hay and feed available in the Northeastern Oklahoma area. It is also going to be sort of a "help" list of information regarding things livestock owners deal with and/or need help with , to name a few: disbudding services, shearing sheep & llamas, locat, good vets, breeding services - just to name a few. Please feel free to join even if you are in one of the states surrounding Northeast Oklahoma.

Also, if you are in the area and know of a good place to get hay and/or feed, feel free to join and share the information, please, thank you!

Every couple of months, or more often if need-be, we can order a big load of really nice Alfalfa/Grass square bales from a guy in Missouri. We have got hay from him before and it is great stuff. We don't have to feed alfalfa pellets or straight alfalfa hay anymore either and our milkers are doing great on it. It is also very cheap - delivered at $5 a bale. SO, if you are interested please join this group and let me know. We will probably be ordering within the next couple of days, so if you want in on this load. . . time is running out :)!

To join the group, you can click on the box to the upper right on this page or you can go to this link -


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