Cowboy/Western Dish Sets - Original Vaquero Style Art

I have a very talented friend. She has started advertising her Vaquero Western Art. Here are a few pics of some of her things and a little write-up about them:

"This original art is influenced by gear used by early Californio Vaquero's and a handful of Cowboys today... Each of these pieces are hand done and each is unique. No two sets or pieces are exactly alike, much like the gear represented. The Art work is done in "permanent' bake set, non-toxic acrylic paint. The art should be treated with care when cleaning; harsh abrasives, excessive scrubbing and extended soaking are not suggested. These dishes can be used as decor to add a touch of old style to any room or used to spice up a dinner table or given as gifts.

The brown/green hand crafted ceramic mugs display old California Style spade bits in white acrylic, Each mug $7, the set of two mugs $12.

The brown/green hand crafted ceramic platter displays and old California Style bridle; spade bit, browband headstall, rein chains, romel reins and bosalita. The platter is $ 22. The complete set of mugs and platter $30

The white ceramic 10 inch dinner plates display old california style spade bits in a variety of cheek pieces in black acrylic. Each plate is $12, the set of four matching plates $40.

Again these pieces are original art and may be collectible. Custom orders may be available...and look for more pieces to be listed. Thanks.

Please email Stacy at or call her at 918-708-1860.


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