Frisky & Cold Morning

Well, it was another chilly morning out today but, all the animals seemed to be in frisky mode. This first pic shows Ace, our resident 200 pound Boer buck, trying to break through the fence (again!) to get to a doe in heat.

This is Calevah, the old girl of the ranch, guarding her doghouse from any goat intruders.

Here are a couple of does battling it out. After several minutes of this, they wandered over and started eating hay with the rest of the herd.

We had some produce that was given to us and was not to human-edible so, the does fought over the sweet potatoes, onions, tomatoes and potatoes.

Bear is our year and a half old dog that likes to try to get the goats to play with her. 

And, in this picture, you see Caleb & Shamrah going at a good game of chase & chew.


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