Garden Update

Well, the garden is starting to produce food for us. Check out the size of this cabbage! I am holding it in the air. The actual head weighed about 5 pounds or so, I think. It was turned into a yummy coleslaw dish.
Here are the peas starting to grow on the vines:

Here is one of the garlic plants getting a flower head on it. I don't know too much about growing garlic but, I think they are getting close to be being done . . . we had put these into the ground last October, I think.

Here are some marigolds . . . just one of the flowers we have planted in an effort to keep bad bugs away from our veggies while they grow.

I came back in yesterday with one of the strollers full of goodies. Here is a pic of that:

More later, hopefully. It is more difficult to do posts nowadays it seems since the weather is nicer and I find myself outside much more.



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