Sunday, February 27, 2011

Overdue Update

      It seems as if the past weeks have been flying by. We had a few weeks of snow and cold along with a nasty flu bug that worked it's way through our house. I even got hit up with it and was on the couch for a few days with a fever. Plus, we have been having lots of lambs and goat kids being born. I'll put a few pics up of some of the recent happenings.
     Here is one pic of a few kids that were born during the past few weeks:
And, here is Molly helping to lick off and clean-up the new kids:

       One of my daughter's wanted to try her hand at raising a bottle lamb soooooo, we pulled one off of a ewe of ours that had triplets. This little eweling is half Katahdin and half dairy sheep. A week ago or so, e almost lost her to a bad case of bloat. Thankfully she pulled through (after we did many things to help her out). Here she is laying on my daughter:

      One of my sons got a BIG doe yesterday. She is a massive Boer doe. Just today we put her in the yard with Ace (our FB Boer buck). He bred her so, we will see what she births 5 months from now.

      I thought I would throw this pic up for a good laugh. This is what we looked like after a day out at a BIG Chupps Auction. It was raining and there was lots of rain. We looked like drowned rats and, I looked really dirty. I was helping push a car out of the mud and got covered from head to toe (and in my mouth and eyes also!) when the driver decided to punch the gas peddle to the floor. I was covered in mud.

     And, here is what 3 days of straight auctioning does to a person:

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