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I'm BACK finally!

Well, obviously I took a long break from posting on this blog. As usual, life has been a whirlwind. I'm still here at the ranch, doing the goats and other animals, most of my kids still live here with me and the hubby. Although, they are growing up fast. The twins will be ten in just a  few days and I'll be the BIG 50! Hard to believe that I'll be "half a century" old, as some of my younger friends remind me!
SO, what do we do on this ranch nowadays? What are the plans we have for this place and what goes on in the mind of this Okie Mama? Well, here are a few things that should be happening here this year and a few projects I'd like to try and pull off:
In just a few weeks, the goats will start having kids again, which means we'll be back in the milk - woohoo! I've been missing that delicious goat milk. Thankfully, we have been able to get some raw cow milk from the neighbor, just recently. In the picture below you can see one of our older does (Pris…