Well, with the weather starting to change warmer, it is the signaling of garden time. I've actually been doing some things already. Mixing various poops and dirt to make what I call "black gold", getting bamboo to make trellis' out of, starting seed on the shelf in the house and reading lots online and offline.
      The other day we went out and got the broccoli and cabbage starters that I bought at the feed store into the ground (yes, my broc & cabbage seedlings did not do so well in the house).

The next day, we went out and got some pea seeds in the ground. I used the end of an old bed frame for one trellis and then I made a teepee trellis out of bamboo. The only problem with the teepee trellis is that I just discovered that I planted pea seeds that are bush peas and not a climbing pea variety!! I can move my teepee and plant some other kind next to each pole.

We've also managed to get onion sets (red, white and yellow ones) in the ground. Plus, the garlic that I planted last November is coming up nicely.
         I am also on this new adventure to convert a bunch of old refrigerators and freezers into cold frames and raised beds. They might look the greatest but, I am hoping they will be one way to keep the nice soil from washing away. I'll try to get pics of that up sometime here. 
        Now, it is off to bed and contemplating how I will get the potato sets into the ground tomorrow, hopefully!
       Oh, here are a few pics of my little helpers - digging, planting, cutting bamboo and more:


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