R is for . . . Rabbit!

Ahhhh, yet another thing to enter the ranch . . . a Production White meat rabbit. On and  off over the years I have thought about raising rabbits for meat. In recent months, I have met a few folks that actually raise them and all of them say that it is a profitable adventure. Well, it just happened to work out that one of our hay customers (Loretta Merritt in Tahlequah, OK - thanks Loretta!!) raises these great meat rabbits. So, we worked a little deal out and now we have the doe pictured below and a buck named K-bar (pictures of him to come).

         When Loretta was here the other day, she brought us a gift of 3 fryer rabbits all dressed out and ready for cooking. A few of the girls hopped on it (no pun intended!!) and made some green sauce rabbit enchiladas. Everyone who ate them said they were delicious. There was enough meat to fill enough trays to feed about 25 people and, there was even meat left over!
        Obviously, I will keep you updated on how we do at raising these rabbits. Our doe was bred on the June 6th so she will be due in a month from that date. Loretta said she would come back and show us the only way to process the fryers - according to her, her way is the only way to do it. I believe that, especially since she says she can do one rabbit in a minute flat!! This I have got to see!!


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