Dairy Sheep

The sheep are slowly growing in numbers! What started out as a simple desire to have a few sheep to help with maintaining our 40 acres, has blossomed into several new adventures. Some weeks ago, we brought in a mixture of Painted Desert sheep to add to the few Katahdins and Barbados that we had.
          Well, thanks to Nancy Osborn, we now have 2 dairy ewes and 1 dairy ram. Below are pictures of Malibu (the white ewe), LL (the black ewe) and Ames (the 5 month old ram).

Ames, the "slightly-freaked-out" ram!!
Here is Malibu (on the left) standing by Ames. She is 4 years old and he is 5 months - he will most likely grow out to be a pretty big boy!


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