Monday, November 7, 2011

Rainy Days

     It has been nice to have a few rainy days over the past few weeks. The storm that is going on right now is not that cold of a one.

      We had a storm a week or 2 ago that brought with it some temps that were in the 30's. All of these are just a reminder that winter is around the corner. With the storms comes the desire (on my part) to make sure that all of our animals are set-up for the cold. There are a few "winterizing" projects I would like to see get done.
      One big blessing that we are aiming for (thanks to Granny!!) is a new 30'x50' barn right out back here behind our house. We are hoping to expand our goat milking area. One of the best parts about it will be the ability to just have more protection for some of our animals. The goats in milk will be able to stay close during the cold storms which will make it way easier to get them on the milkstand. Plus, we have about 60 does and 40 ewes that will begin having babies around the beginning of February!! It will make for some crazy times around here if the Lord brings it all to pass!
      As some of you may remember, this past summer was soooo hot that we barely got anything out of our garden. Thankfully, some of the local stores have been having pumpkins on sale. So, we have bought up a few and will cook them down so we can make pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin butter and whatever else we can think of.
  And no, I have not forgotten about the Ranch Animal Alphabet . . . maybe I can finish it up this week and next!

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