Exotic Animals

Our adventure into  exotic animals started as a small thing - selling a big boar hog to a big ranch in Oklahoma. This one contact has blossomed into an exciting adventure of meeting others that raise exotic animals - such as yaks, bison, camels, water buffalo, wildebeests and more.
      We also did not realize it at the time but, the small flock of Painted Deserts we brought onto our 40 acres in the summer of 2010 might play a part in a much bigger adventure - raising big horn rams. Since those, we have added in more sheep like Texas Dalls, Corsicans, Jacob 4-horn and more. Many of these ewes are bred back to a big TX Dall ram that has a 40 inch horn rack on him. Here is a picture of that ram:

      So, if you are in the market for exotic animals, shoot me an email at kim@goodgoats.net - I might be able to hook you up with the right kind of animal for your ranch or safari place.

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