Thursday, April 29, 2010

P is for Potatoes!!

     Yep, trying our hands at potatoes also. We have a few experiments going . . . well, actually our entire garden is an experiment, I guess. I was commenting the other day about an "experiment" I had going and one of my kidos said, "Mom, what isn't an experiment in your garden?"
      Anyway, back to potatoes. I am trying the barrel method with 3 cardboard barrels that were on their way to the burn pit. The idea is to toss the starter into the bottom and cover it with dirt. Every time the plant peeks out, more dirt gets thrown on top of it. Once we reach the top of the barrel we let the plant flower out and then dump it over and dig out all of our goodies - potatoes. We'll see how it works.

We also have about 6 plants growing in mounds.

Updates will come, Lord willing, as the plants get bigger.

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