Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rainy Day Gardening & Staking Tomato Plants

        Well, I was planning on being outside on the 15th to plant some of my plants but, other things came up. The 16th also passed without me getting out in the garden much.
        So, today was going to be the day but, it is raining now. This just gives me more time to look online for more ideas to try once the rain goes away. Personally, I would be out in the rain planting but some of my smaller kidos are just that . . . small . . . HA!
       I have lots of varieties of tomatoes to get into the ground so what better thing to do than to research about the different methods of staking up the plants.

      I have quite a few old freezers in the garden area that I am turning into raised beds/cold frames so I think I might try this with a few of the freezers that I hope to put tomatoes into:

      What about tomatoes in 5 gallon buckets? Check this out:

       I tried the string method last year and it was way too much work. I don't think my strings were strong enough and I was always tripping over the maze of them in the tomato beds! I'm kind of afraid to stake them up. Last year we had lots and lots of tomatoes and that was with them growing on the ground and many getting rotten. But, how can anyone have too many tomatoes . . . I think it's another ebook coming, Teresa . . . The Salsa and Goat Milk Diet!!

I like the topless table in this write-up:

What about tomato teepees?

I still hope to do some home-made-upside-down-bucket-planters . . . just have to get a hanging pole in the ground somewhere . . . look at all of the ideas I can come up with on a rainy day! Hopefully I will get some pics up if I get to putting these tomatoes into the ground.

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