Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Lambs

We have had a few lambings the past week. One was by a Desert Sand ewe we have. She had a single eweling in the sheep shed one evening. We were able to keep her shut up in the shed for a few days to bond with her baby (and to protect the lamb from the cold!).

Just last night, we moved our big, fat Katahdin ewe (Ewe Neek) into a stall at the back of our house. Sure enough, at about 5 am, I was awoken to the sounds of little lambs. I went down and she had 3 lambs out. It looked like the last one had just come out because it was still wet. There are 2 ramlings and 1 eweling. These are lambs that are half Katahdin and half dairy, since they were bred to our dairy ram. Here is the picture of what I first saw:

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