Friday, April 29, 2011


    We have been adding animals to our property quite a bit. Here are some pics of the rams that have made it our way. Some of these are ones we are keeping, some are for sale and some might be for sale, for the right price! So, if you see something you like, email us.
    This is Boulder, our 4-horn Painted Desert. These are known as Desert Dragons.

This next one is a ramling that was born here just about 12 weeks ago. We named him Santiago. His sire is a big TX Dall and his mother is one of our 4-horn Jacob ewes. His horn growth has been really incredible. He measured over 3 inches at 8 weeks old.

Another ramling out of another Jacob ewe and TX Dall ram. 

Here is a red ramling - he could probably pass as a Strawberry Dall.

This is Ames. He is our dairy ram. He is proven and has thrown some nice dairy ewes. 

Here is a nice looking ram that my son just got recently. He looks like he might have some Mouflon breeding in him. We are hoping to breed him to a few ewes that we have in the next few weeks here.

This ram is another nice looking one. He is big and meaty and has a nice set of horns on him.

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