Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some Pics

     Here are a few pics from around the ranch a few weeks ago. This first one is a picture of Marlo (the doe at the back) and Chicci (the doe in the front). Chicci was a bottle baby of ours that we sold and then got back. Marlo is a doe we recently got from Canyon Ridge Farms. Both were a little stressed out about their new enviroment and for some reason they have hooked up with each other. It is funny to watch Marlo, tall and slender, following around Chicci, short and fat.

I thought this was a cute picture of one of my daughter's relaxing in the lower pasture with a doe. What a beautiful place to grow up at.

This is Aruba, one of our registered Alpine does. This was before she kidded to one big buck kid.

This is Rocky, our neighbor's ram. We were housing him over our way and decided to run him with a few ewes for fall lambings.

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