Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Garden pickings for November

It is amazing that we are still getting veggies out of our garden here in Oklahoma. The weather took a turn towards coldness a few weeks ago but, then the sun popped out and it has been somewhat warmer for the past week.
Here is a picture from today of the turnip patch along with a close-up of a turnip. I hope to make some Pickled Turnips later this week (since one of my sons says they are delicious - I've never had them before!).

While my Mom from CA was visiting us, we picked some lettuce. Well, she cut one head completely off and now, a few weeks later, it is growing again! Look Mom - more lettuce is growing!!
I am amazed at just how much is managing to grow out in the garden this late into November. The tomato plants look really sad but are still producing tomatoes - just not as red as in the summer. They are still good for a great batch of salsa. And, the jalapeno plants, well, they just don't seem to go away. We have collected hundreds and hundreds (no joke!!) of jalapenos off of these plants. I tried to transplant one into a pot so I could bring it in for the winter but, it looked pretty sad in it's pot today. We will see if it survives.
Here is one final picture of what we collected today:

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