Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pictures of Salsa Being Made

The recipe for this salsa can be found here - Here are step-by-step pics of how to make homemade salsa like this:
#1 - First, go out to the garden (or the grocery store, if you have to resort to such measures) and pick some tomatoes. The tomatoes in the following pic are not as red looking as the ones we were getting off of our plants in the summer. But, these are not bad considering it is the middle of November, here in NE Oklahoma.
#2 - Here is a pic of the ingredients that will give this batch of tomatoes a kick: jalapenos, garlic & green onions:
#3 - Get the salt, pepper & lemon juice ready for use.
#4 - Start by cutting the tomatoes into chunks that can be run through the food processor.
#5 - Drop the tomatoes into the food processor bowl to chop them up.
#6 - Here is the bowl ready for chopping the tomatoes up:
#7 - Here are the tomatoes chopped up. Remember not to make them to pureed!
#8 - Here is a shot of how we like the tomatoes to look for a chunkier salsa:
#9 - Time to chop the stem end off of the jalapeno(s).
#10 - Get the green onions (or whatever onions you are going to use) ready for chopping.
#11 - Now to get the garlic ready for the chopping bowl. I usually cut both ends off of the garlic clove and then peel the skin off.
#12 - If the skins are not coming off easily, you can take a small spice jar (or the end of your knife) and give the clove a good knock. This should make the skin peel off easy.
#13 - Here are the spicy ingredients ready to chop:
#14 - Make sure to use a rubber spatula to scrap all of the hot ingredients out of the processor bowl.
#15 - Mix the hot stuff into the tomatoes with a rubber spatula or some kind of mixing spoon.
#16 - Add the salt in - to your liking.
#17 - Next, add black pepper:
#18 - Add a few squirts of lemon juice:
#19 - Here is a picture of the finished product:
#20 - Get a chip (or a saltine cracker, if you are out of chips!). Dip it and . . .
#21 - EAT IT!
And, last but not least, what to do with all of those scraps? Well, on a working homestead, everything has a part sooooo, the scraps on our ranch go to some kind of critter. This time, we dumped them to the piglets!

That's all for now! Enjoy!

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