Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Bugs Have Come!

     The picture above is what the war is over. It is me against the myriad of bugs that have attacked the garden this year. It has been way worse than last year. And now, even in late August, there is an onslaught of Squash Bugs and Cucumber Beetles. So, I got online and started reading about what to do to get rid of these pests. I was not encouraged but rather discouraged as I read numerous accounts of other gardeners saying that there is no way to win against the above 2 mentioned insects. I felt like throwing the towel in until I went out one last time and saw the 2 zucchinis that are growing.
      I had a new reason to fight these bugs . . . they are in the process of killing the plants that are growing the crops that I want for my family. Here is a picture of a Squash Bug having the guts to eat the zucchini plant:
Here is a picture of the same Squash Bug after I sprayed him with my solution of Dawn dish soap and water:

     Here is a picture of the Cucumber Beetles that attacked the zucchini plant:
And, here is what happens to bugs that I find eating my garden plants:


  1. Layton UT here and we were invaded, this totally worked, thanks!!!!

  2. What's the mixture for killing the cucumber beetles? I hate those guys, and usually squash them every morning but it gets old.