Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How We Got to Oklahoma

Having been born and raised in Southern California, I had no intentions of moving. But, as you can see, we made the big move to Oklahoma 2 years ago. One of the main reasons we left CA was because OK has way better homeschooling laws. We packed up and moved 13 people, about 10 dogs, 30+ bunnies, some 20 or so goats, some cats and some of our belongings. It was quite the trip, driving across the states and stopping every 12 hours to milk the goats along the way in various parking lots. We looked like a circus and someone even asked us at one stop if we were a traveling show!
       Here is our trailer of animals all loaded up and ready to go:
One of the blow-outs on the drive out, somewhere in New Mexico, I think:

Another break-down in TX:

Bunnies in cages:

Cats in cages:

Milking in the CA desert somewhere:


Scarlet, one of the Bullmastiffs:

Goats in the trailer:

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