No More Pond . . . For Now

We had a family meeting and made the decision to do away with the pond that was at the beginning of our 40 acres. There have been a few events that led up to this decision:
- Last year we lost a really cool guard llama (Ranger) to deer worm (most likely from the pond)
- We had a pasture pig get sick last year sometime. After looking at her symptoms and looking things up online, we think it was algae poisoning .
- We had another llama get sick recently and die. I am not sure of the exact cause of her death but, she was in the habit of urinating in the pond and hanging out in the pond all day. The pond water was not to clean looking. I am not sure if she was sick from this or something else.
       So, we decided that since it was not a deep enough pond nor a properly designed one, we would get rid of it. Here are a few pics of the event:

If we ever decide to put a pond back in, then we would have to do quite a bit of research (and digging) to make it a better pond. At this point I felt it was a threat to our livestock.


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