Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dehydrating and Oklahoma Auctions

     Another thing that California lacks is Oklahoma-style auctions. We went to a big estate auction this past weekend. There was a major amount of stuff at it and we ended up being there until 6pm or so. We loaded up several trucks, a few cars and a trailer with all of the stuff that we and our friends bought.
    Now, if you have never been to an Oklahoma auction, you are missing out. We brought home a cabinet that was FULL of canning jars (over 200 of them!) for only $2. I bought 2 rolls of 4 foot tall chain link fencing (about 90 feet of it) for only $2. My son bought a dump trailer for the lawn mower that Grandma passed our way for around $30 (normally trailers for these mowers go for about $150). Here is a pic of the trailer being put to use:
     I have also been wanting to get a dehydrator of some kind to make some things with all of the cucumbers that have been coming out of the garden. Well, you guessed it, I found one at the auction and got it for $2 also!
      I am trying it out for the first time tonight. I have the trays full of cucumbers sprinkled with seasoned salt. Some of the slices have the skin on and some don't. I did a few various thicknesses. also just to see what tastes better. Sometime, I am hoping to try a recipe for Dill Cucumber Chips.

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