Sunday, January 3, 2010


     It is hard to believe that it is 2010. I remember when I was a child and it seemed like some kind of sci-fi thought to think of the year 2000. Now, we are 10 years past that. Time just seems to fly by.
      This is our second new year in Oklahoma. I am soooo thankful to live here. It is a different life than what we lived in the desert land of Southern CA. It seems there are more opportunities here to do the things I like (raise our goats, have other livestock). Plus, we are learning and doing other things that we were not able to do - gardening, hunting and making things off of the stuff on our land.
     At the moment, I am researching gardening ideas. I ran across this website that talks about winter-sowing seeds outside. I am still learning about this method. I am also on the hunt for old freezers and things like that. I am hoping to use them as raised garden beds. The beds we made last year got rather compacted by the end of the season and some of the plants (like zucchini) did not do so well because the ground was not deep enough to support their root system. Raised beds are good to do out here because there is such hard ground - ROCKS are everywhere!
      I am also looking at how to preserve potatoes - some friends of ours gave us about 5 bags of potaotes - 50 pounds per bag!! I think I will try my hand at dehydrating them. I'll try to picture the process and put it up here sometime. Along with the cranberry jam I hope to make from the 15 bags of cranberries that were also given to us!

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