Busy Days

Well, it has been another busy week and, I am only half way through it! We went to Pearl's house last week and learned several arts and crafts projects. She sent us home with a few gourds and other goodies from the day . . .
      At our place the past few days, I have been starting some seeds for the spring garden. Last year I did no seed starting, just bought plants that were already ready to start growing. I am hoping to plants lots of things this year also. 
     I have a new idea about using old freezers and refrigerators and turning them into raised garden beds or cold frames. I have been taking pics of one freezer I have that I have been turning into a cold frame. Today I filled it with a mix of goat poop, llama poop, horse poop and dirt from our property. I picked through it to get most of the big rocks out of it. I will try to get pics up in the next day or 2.



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