The Past Week

Well, it was a usual week - busy. Here are a few picture highlights from this past week.
         We were given a bunch of cranberries and so I made a Cranberry Salsa recipe. I must say that it was pretty good. I liked it much better than the blueberry salsa I had made back in the summer.

About 5 miles down the dirt road from our place, there was an absolutely beautiful ice show to see. This is an area that gets very little sunshine and so these "ice falls" were there for several days. They have since melted down some.

With all of the baby goats that have been being born at our ranch, we had several heads to disbud. Here are a few pics of that event:

And, of course, there were MORE baby goats born - right before we went to see the Ice Falls.

What will this next week hold? Only the Lord knows but, I am hoping to get some gardening done. I am hoping to try a method called Winter Sowing and, if possible, I want to convert this old frig into a Cold Frame Bed.


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