Down Syndrome - What You CAN Do!

       Almost 5 years ago, I gave birth to a set of boy/girl twins. The boy has Down syndrome. We decided to write a book called Down Syndrome - What You CAN Do! This was because we were given such a grim outlook about what our future would be like with this little boy with DS. Well, years later, all I can say is it has been a BLESSED and GREAT almost 5 years. None of us in our family can imagine life without our little happy man.
      Our book is 589 pages long and is $22.73 for the printed version and $5 to
download as an e-Book. The proceeds (which are very small) from the sales of
the book will go towards purchasing more books to be able to get these into
the hands of doctors, hospitals & the public. We also hope to make some
brochures about the book for Down syndrome associations and for public

      The finished product can be bought from and seen at A 15 page preview of the book can
also be seen at this link. 
      We hope this book will be a great resource for many parents, families,
friends, doctors & professionals. 

Book - Down Syndrome: What You CAN Do
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  1. I found your blog from the Plants & Flowers group.

    I thought I'd share with you about a friend of mine that lives in northwest Arkansas & also is very involved with DS education in our area. Here's a link to their website showing a trip they did to raise awareness on DS.

    Your farm looks like a beautiful place to live.

    I also live in nw AR.


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