Our Beloved Bow

Animals add a dimension to our lives that is special. We learn from them, we train them, we raise them, we feed them, we play with them, we milk some of them, we walk some of them, we hug some of them and, we will miss some of them. That is the case with Bow. She was with us from 8 weeks old until this past Sunday (she was just a little over 6 years old).
In my 19 year old daughter's words in an email to her Granny and others she said the following:
Bow - 12/22/03 - 1/24/10

Bow passed away on Sunday. She had been noticeably sick for a couple weeks and we had been taking her to the vet, giving her antibiotics for what we thought could be the problem, etc. She was going down hill on Saturday night and Sunday. We decided to take her to the Emergency vet on Sunday to take some X-ray's of her chest and abdomen- she had been having trouble breathing. As we were loading her up, she went. As far as what she died of, we are not sure. 
Upon doing a necropsy, we found her lungs and heart did not look normal at all. We are thinking maybe some type of cancer or something. She was 6 this past December. Words cannot express the sadness........my third loss in a year and a half.


Here are a few pics to show the sweet personality Bow had:

Good Bye Bow . . . You will be missed by Ezriyah the most.


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