Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This has been one cold winter so far. Life has been made a little more challenging . . . with frozen water outlets, frozen hoses, cold animals, etc.
       BANG! BANG! BANG! Is the sound heard every morning as I try to break the ice on the water buckets with my foot . . . a rock . . . or a big stick. We have also used the dump cart to take hot water out to the animals - we have a hose that hooks up to the bathtub and reaches out the front door to the dump cart.
       Here is what one of the waterers looked like after I broke through it this morning:

Ice chunks on the ground from the water buckets yesterday:

Icicles hangin' from the hay feeder this morning:

These last 2 pics are funny ones. Our front door is metal and gets some condensation on the inside. Well, it has been freezing some but, it also drips just enough water down to drip into the lock of the door. So, when the door is opened, the lock gets stuck. The pics show my way of fixing this problem! Just another good reason to carry a BIC lighter!

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