31 for 21 - Cheeser!!!!!

     Well, I can't believe that this happened . . . I thought I had a blog post scheduled for yesterday and then found out that I didn't. So, here I am trying to make up. This post is called "Cheeser" for 2 reasons:
     First reason - I am a Cheeser. The definition of a "cheeser" around this ranch is someone that blows it in some way. Hence, "I am a Cheeser".
     Second reason - we like to make cheese from our goat's milk. One of the easiest and most common cheeses around here is Vinegar Cheese. You can click here - Vinegar Cheese - to see pics of the process. It is simple to make, and tastes great. Osiyyah likes it so much that he will often be found sitting at the table with the bowl of cheese and a spoon. He knows that it is a "safe" food for him because it is not made from cow and it does not contain wheat (his 2 no-no's). Yep, it is that good - it can be eaten by the spoonfuls. It is also quite good inside of enchiladas.
     Another cheese we have made is Cream Cheese. This takes a day or so to make but, is also very easy to do. Once it is done, we add a little sugar into it and then spread it on corn tortillas with some jam of some kind or cinnamon. Hanunyah has also made cheesecake with it.
     Suriyah has also experimented with Feta and Mozzarella cheeses. She has done a pretty good job at it. They are yummy, and take just a little bit more of a cure time.


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