31 for 21 - Hickory Nut Walk

      Another thing that we get to do around here on this ranch is pick up hickory nuts. Our 40 acres has quite a few of these trees growing on our 40 acres. The best time to get them is when they fall off of the tree at the beginning of October. So, we went on a walk with my daughter and her bullmastiff and loaded the dump cart about halfway full.
     Here are a few pics of us collecting the nuts:

O and Yo were tired out so they caught a ride back on top of the nuts!

Once we got back, we took the outer hull off of the nuts. In case you have never had a hickory nut, they are HARD, HARD to crack. I use a hammer and bang them pretty much as hard as I can. About 75% of the nuts were good and the rest were rotten. 
I have some boxed up and for sale on Ebay. You can see that here - Hickory Nuts

     One of my daughter's has a blog post she did about the hickory nuts growing around and on our property. You can see that here - Hickory Nut Blog Post
     We also managed to spray paint some of the hulls and the kids made some of them into sail boats for letter B day the other day.


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