31 for 21 - Getting Ready for Winter

     We had a fairly big rainstorm last night . . . thankfully. It has been a really dry year. It will be interesting to see what kind of winter we get. It is hard to imagine that it could be white from snow in just a month or more.
     We have been going around and making sure we are ready for the cold to hit. This has involved making sure there are shelters in all the animal pens, building hay feeders, taking a good look at our herd and making sure all are going into winter looking good. We have decided to sell off some of the animals that we really do not need, nor do we need to be feeding all of them through the winter.
     Speaking of selling animals, we have collected quite a few bucks so if anyone is looking for a good, proven Mini Nubian buck, shoot me an email and I'll let you know which ones we are thinking of selling off.
      Here are a few pics from last winter:
Here are a few pics to show ways to keep a goat warm in the winter. One way is to huddle up in a dog house with a friend:
Or, huddle up in a big bunch:
Being big and pregnant is one way to be warm:
Or, how about hiding the head in a bucket and breathing?


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